Breast Augmentation – What You Need To Know About Breast Surgery

nbebanner11What exactly is breast augmentation, or mammoplasty which breast surgery is also referred to as in the medical world? Basically, breast augmentation is a process where a lady gets her breasts enlarged through cosmetic or surgerical procedures, the most common of which is through breast implants. The most commonly use breast implant today is silicone, where surgeons place a silicone bag under the breast of a lady and then fill it up with saline solution to make the breasts larger than they originally were. This popular procedure, which is also known as breast augmentation or breast surgery, has been popular for years or decades even up till today.

In case you are thinking that this is just a basic and normal surgery, it actually isn’t – it is considered pretty major as the patient would need to be injected with general anesthesia in order to proceed with the surgery. Breast Augmentation has also been known to used to replace a breast after a mastectomy, and also used for sex changes!

The Implications of Undergoing Breast Surgery

Since breast augmentation is a completely unnatural process, you can be sure that there would be bound to be quite a number of negative implications for anyone who is undergoing this process. The first major implication, of course, would be the cost or the expense of the procedure. A surgery package may easily cost up to a few thousand dollars, and you also have to remember the non-free follow-up consultations you would have to do after the surgery!

The second major negative implication for anyone who goes through the surgery would be scarring. Many ladies who have been through this surgery would always end up having some sort of scar along the their breast lines or near their nipple areas, and this is something that cannot be hidden – if you get cut open somewhere else, there would be bound to be scars right? This, of course, is not any different at all!

Then there are many other minor related implications, such as recovery after undergoing the surgery. Females who have underwent the surgery might be restricted from doing basic and simple ordinary tasks for a few weeks, and might even have to hire a temporary caretaker in the worst case scenarios, as it can take up to a few weeks for them to completely recover.

Of course, there would then be the after-effects of pain right after the procedure, when the anesthesia starts to wear off. In some cases, certain ladies might even experience residual pain that can last for a few months or more! Not to mention that undergoing the surgery itself may sometimes pose health risks in totally unrelated areas, such as excess bleeding, implant rupture or infection.

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