Breast Enlargement Methods Comparison Part 1 – Creams V.S Bras

Welcome to our first part of breast enlargement methods comparison! After much research, experimenting and testing, I have come to the realization that breast enhancement cream are currently the BEST way or method to be getting firmer and larger breasts! In this series, we will be looking at why this is the case, and first of all, we will be starting off with the simplest them of all – Bras, and why bust serums are a lot better than them!

Creams V.S Bras – The Breakdown

Bust serums, or creams, are something that can help a women achieve permanent results in the long-term, resulting in firmer, larger breasts and also of course a higher level self-confidence. On the other hand, bras are only a short-term and temporary solution, and all your secrets would be exposed the moment you are alone with your partner in the bedroom!


If you are just starting out on the search for ways and methods to learn how to increase breast size, you might think that bras would seem like the best, logical answer to solving the problem of small, saggy breasts, without having to worry about all the side effects or implications that might come along with taking pills or undergoing breast surgery. But what many people fail to realize is that bras are actually a pretty ineffective solution to achieving firmer and larger breasts!

Why is this so? Firstly, bras that help to create the illusion of firmer and bigger breasts are often over-padded and thicker than usual, and it would make those breasts look unnatural to other people. In most cases, people are often able to distinguish between over-padded bras and conclude that the lady is trying to conceal her under-sized breasts. Furthermore, on a unlucky day, bra pads and stuffing might fall out and cause you to become embarrassed or awkward in public places!

On the other hand, bust serums are often transparent and ladies would be able to apply it onto their skin without having to worry about being spotted about using them or over-padded bras. Most of these bust serums are also absorbed almost immediately the moment you apply them onto your skin! This is a good sign, as this means that these bust serums are fast-acting and effective, and can often allow ladies to see up to a full cup size breast enlargement in just a couple of months!


Special bras that can provide that kind of extra lift and effect of larger breasts are often a lot more expensive to purchase than the usual ones. The average woman would have to own up to 5 or 6 bras of this type of more (since there are 7 days a week) in order to be able to achieve the same effect everyday! Bras, like any other type of clothes, can also start to wear and tear over a certain of period of time, and all these replacements and purchases can easily add up to a few thousand of dollars over time!

On the other hand, even though bust serums or cream might seem to be more expensive on the first purchase, most ladies usually tend to see permanent and long-lasting effects after just applying a few bottles. In the long run, this can actually result in a lot more savings as compared to purchasing over-padded bras one after another! And you would also be spared to agony of feeling uncomfortable wearing over-padded bras, and be in your best form possible 24/7!


Even though over-padded bras can really help to create the illusion of having larger and firmer breasts, it would still have to be taken off when the sun sets. This problem of having to live with a “fake” self during the day sometimes deal a huge blow in a woman’s overall self-confidence!

Health Risks

Breast-lifting bras have been said and reported to pose certain health risks such as breast cancer, as the continual lifting of the breast tissue over a prolonged period of time can sometimes lead to the formation of tumors. According to statistics, more than 40,000 women died from breast cancer alone last year – this is definitely one kind of risk I would not be willing to take!

How does bust serums and cream fare on the other hand? Most bust-serums and cream in the market today are made completely from organic ingredients, which means that they are risk-free and natural, and do not contain any kind of chemicals, preservatives or synthetic hormones at all!

So are you convinced that the best way to be getting larger and firmer breasts in the safest and most natural way possible is through the use of bust serums or creams, rather than anything else? If not, stay tune for Part 2 of this series!

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