Cream V.S Exercises – Breast Enlargement Methods Comparison Part 2

Hello, and welcome to my Part 2 series of Breast Enlargement Comparison Methods, where we will be looking at mainly 2 kind of breast enlargement methods – namely bust serum/breast cream and exercises. If you have missed out Part 1 of this Series, you can check it out here, where it is about using bras v.s cream for breast enlargement.

So, without further ado, let us look at how cream v.s exercises fare against each other. This will definitely be a good guide for ladies who are seeking for methods and ways to learn how to increase breast size to narrow down their choices and not waste time experimenting new methods and ideas!

The overview

Breast exercises are commonly thought to be the most inexpensive method to be able to help enlarge a lady’s breasts or boobs. But the problem is that due to the high stress from work, most ladies often are not able to maintain the discipline to be able to do these exercises on a regular and consistent basis! On the other hand, creams and bust serum are a totally-hands off, affordable and reliable method to help one gain up to a full cup size or even more!

The Process

If you have personally done any kind or form of breast exercises before, you would probably have realized that close to 0-% of these exercises mainly focus on working out the muscles and tissues in the surrounding breasts area. It has been said that the pectoral muscles can strengthened in order to help to provide that kind of additional lift to the breasts – but in actual fact, strengthening these muscles can only help a lady to tone their upper chest, as breasts and mainly made up of purely fat tissue. This is why it would be pointless – for fat tissue cannot be strengthened through any form of exercises, only muscles can!

Furthermore, most breast exercises would require a lady to commit at least fifteen minutes or even to an hour sometimes every day, such that one would have to specifically set aside a schedule in order to complete this task on a consistent basis every single day. Then there are also quite a number of exercises that can only be understood if watched through a video for one to be able to completely master the technique properly. All of this means that it would be difficult for a lady to be doing breast exercises on a consistent basis in order to achieve the kind of results they want!

This is where bust serum or breast cream fare a lot better – creams and serums allow a lady to perform a quick application anytime, anywhere without much strenuous effort or a large amount of time at all. If one is really seeking to learn how to increase their breast size, it is best for one to be searching for methods that are easy and convenient, such as bust serums.

Apart from helping one to achieve larger breasts, most breast cream products can also help them to get firmer breasts and also reduce the amount of wrinkles and stretch marks around the breast area. In the long run, breast cream would also be able to help one attain a well-shaped and soft breast, which is something that exercising will never be able to achieve.


Even though certain breast exercises do work, they are often required to be done on a consistent basis and permanently, and one can sometimes only be able to see any kind of results in at least a few weeks to several months. Furthermore, there are also not really any guarantee that the exercises they are doing would enable them to see any results!

Bust serum and cream on the other hand, have been in the market for quite a while and some of the more popular ones even have had clinical studies and research conducted on them with samples of ladies whom have applied and used the product successfully. This means that the product has already been proven to work, and one would not have to be worrying about wasting their time or money trying out these bust serums or cream products!

It is important to be choosing the right breast enlargement product in order to see the best results in the shortest amount of time. Currently, one of the best leaders in the market for breast enlargement bust serum would be Triactol – a harmless and effective solution that has proven to work for a lot of different ladies!

Furthermore, Triactol comes with a generous 60-day money back guarantee – which means that the manufacturers of them are 100% confident in their own product and you would have completely nothing to lose at all just from trying them out!

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