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Cream V.S Pumps – Breast Enlargement Methods Comparison Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of this series of Breast Enlargement Comparison Methods. If you have missed out on the other 3 parts of this series before, you can check them out here at :

Why have we taken the time to painstakingly create this series? It is because after much research and experimenting on our own, we have only found out breast enlargement or bust serum tot be the only method that is worth it for anyone who is learning how to increase breast size to get larger and firmer breasts. And the reason why this is so, has been outlined in all the different parts of this series!
Breast Enlargement Comparison MethodsTherefore, without further ado, let us proceed to the next part of this series, where we will be looking at breast pumps and how they actually fare when it is compared to breast enlargement pills.
Using a Breast Pump
When one is using a breast pump, they are often required to apply pressure to the breasts using the pump at regular intervals of the day. The breast is said to be enlarged this way as the tissue would expand every single time pressure is applied on the breasts. But the misconception here that most people have regarding breast pumps is that breast pumps doesn’t really help your growth tissue to grow at all – what it does is only to help stretch the skin during the suction process!

Furthermore, breast pumps often come with extensive operation instructions or guidelines if one wants to be using them for the long run repetitively. Most of the breast pumps currently also require women to wear special bras or have other necessary requirements. When these breast pumps are not used or apply correctly, they might actually even cause irreparable damage. The reason for this is because a a pump would be swelling up the breasts with additional blood flow, where broken vessels, tension, damage and other medical conditions have a chance to occur. What this basically implies is the breast pumps actually come with a lot of health risks just from using it!

On the other hand, breast enlargement creams and bust serum do not really require any sort of intricate operation, the cream is basically just applied to the breast area. Most of the cream-based products are also made completely from natural ingredients and herbs, which means that they are completely safe as they do not contain any sort of hormones, chemicals or preservatives at all.

Getting Results

Breast pumps have been said to be able to provide quite a visible and significant improvement in one’s cup size, but it is actually not really a permanent solution. In some cases, results might even be only seen after 6 months – and this really pose a huge risk to your health as explained before from using these breast pumps repeatedly. Another thing is that breast pumps sometimes cause your skin to stretch, and this can easily distort the natural appearance of your breasts, which is what something most women would not want.

With breast enlargement creams or bust serum instead, ladies have reported seeing results as quick as in just 21 days. This is probably due to the quick absorption of the cream by the skin. Most of these bust serums have also been clinically tested to be safe and proven to work. By using these bust serums, one would be able to achieve the kind of  youthful and large breasts they have always dreamed of.

The cost

Even breast pumps might be not as costly as breast surgery, they are often still in the hundreds or thousands of dollars due to the nature of the product (A mechanical device which requires regular maintenance) . Creams and bust serums, on the other hand, are a lot cheaper and do not need to be paid regularly every month as the results from them are most of the time permanent.

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