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Cream V.S Pills – Breast Enlargement Methods Comparison Part 3

Buy TriactolWelcome again to another series of the breast enlargement comparisons. This is part 3 out of 6 of this series, where we help to narrow down the choices that most ladies have when it comes to learning how to increase breast size so that they would not have to waste their time trying to experiment and testing out methods which might not work for them at all! Of course, you might find that this series is actually a little biased towards cream and bust serum products, because it is what we have actually found to be the most effective out there in the market when it comes to enhancing your bust size, other than dangerous methods such as breast surgery for example!

If you have missed out on the previous 2 part of this series, you can view them respectively here at : Part 1 and Part 2.

Without further ado and boring you with all these useless details, let us now proceed into the 3rd part of series, where we will be looking at pills and how they actually fare when compared to breast enlargement cream or bust serum. Only by using an effective product that has been clinically work, can a lady be able to experience rounder, perkier, firmer and larger breasts in the shortest amount of time possible!

The effectiveness of breast enlargement pills

First of all, any one who has studied biology or medicine during their college or university years would probably realize that tablets and capsules are actually not that effective in nature due to the fact that our body tends to destroy majority of the things that we swallow. It is also because of this reason that most doctors do not recommend sick people to take pills if possible, and allow their body to heal naturally. Studies have actually shown that on average, only a mere 5% of the ingredients you swallow are actually absorbed. This phenomenon is also known as trans-dermal delivery and is due to the high pH levels your stomach natural has.

Therefore, if you are taking breast enlargement pills, you might actually be harming your stomach and body in the long run, for your body would have to be working harder to try and absorb the ingredients in those pills!

On the other hand, creams and bust serums are often quickly absorbed by the skin completely for maximum effectiveness. This quick absorption ensures that your breasts get all the necessary requirements it need in order to achieve bigger and firmer breasts. Surveys conducted by bust serum companies have even actually reported that most of their clients actually start to see breast lifting in just days and some of them even gain up to a full cup size in just a couple of weeks! What’s more, bust serum and breast enlargement cream can also help greatly to reduce the stretch marks and wrinkles around the breast area.


Most breast enlargement pills and tablets are commonly and typically filled with chemicals, artificial substances and also preservatives. All of this can really cause a lot of problem to the body especially when these pills are taken for a long period of time. Studies have shown that certain ladies that take these type of pills for a long period time have experienced reproductive problems and other type of more serious medical conditions!

What about breast enlargement creams or bust serums then? Close to 99% of the bust serums in the market out there are 100% completely natural and contains absolutely no synthetic hormones, artificial colorings, parabens or even petroleum! It is best to also pick bust serum or cream that has been dermatologically tested and proven save. Another added side benefit of applying bust serum is that herb-based bust serum also contain a certain kind of ingredient known as P. Mirifica, which can help to expand fat tissue and strengthen your milk ducts!


Breast enlargement capsules or pills sometimes need to be taken at least 3 times a day or several times a day. Furthermore, it is also important for the lady to be taking these pills at regular intervals so as not to damage their body as their stomach would have to be working harder to digest these pills whenever they are taken.

As compared to their counterparts bust serums, it is completely different – as a woman would be able to apply the cream to their breasts anytime, anywhere and also not have to be worrying about harming or damaging their own body.


Even though the cost of breast enlargement pills and tablets may seem to be cheaper when you see them the first time, it is actually not the case. The reason for this is because pills and capsules sometimes need to be taken over the long term, and it can really be costly when all of it is added up. On the other hand, bust serum and cream are often able to allow one to see results very quickly and these results are usually permanent and long-lasting, which means one would only need to be purchasing at most a few month’s worth of breast enlargement cream.

If you are now thoroughly convinced that bust serum and breast enlargement cream is the way to go, then you definitely ought to check out Triactol, which is a 100% completely natural bust serum that has been clinically proven and tested to help ladies achieve the kind of results they want when it comes to getting bigger breasts.

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