Cream V.S Breast Surgery – Breast Enlargement Methods Comparison Part 5

We are finally reaching the end of this series of breast enlargement comparison methods. This will be the 2nd last part of this series, where we will be talking about breast surgery and how they actually fare as compared to breast enlargement pills. If you have missed out on the previous parts of this series, you can check out them below:

Anyone who is seeking for ways and methods to learn how to increase breast size should really check out this whole series today! Without further ado, let us now proceed to look at how breast surgery fare when compared to breast enlargement creams or bust serums:
Creams vs. Surgery
Breast surgery is mainly conducted and achieved through the use of silicone of implants that are made to be very similar like a real, natural breast. The true fact is that majority of the ladies would rather prefer to not under breast surgery due to the high costs and risks involved.


When undergoing any kind of surgery (And this includes breast surgery), general anesthesia would have to applied on the patients to help them avoid or avert pain sensations. And as with any anesthesia, bad reactions such as allergy might occur and this may cause a huge problem to the health of the person undergoing the surgery. On the other hand, one would not have to be worrying about these kind of side effects at all if they are using breast enlargement creams instead.


As with any kind of surgery, there is a slight chance or possibility that one might experience severe and uncontrollable bleeding while undergoing the process. There are also many other health risks apart from hemorrhage that might occur just from getting your breasts cut open. In order for one to be on the safe side, it is definitely best to seek a natural and alternative solution such as breast enlargement creams to achieve your goals or dreams of larger and firmer breasts.


Breast surgery would often leave a patient with stitches that might not be removed for up to 1 or 2 weeks, and this can really sometimes cause great discomfort. Furthermore, when these stitches are removed, there would be scars that still remain, and this can cause a bit of awkwardness when they are alone with their partners during intimate situations or encounters.

Psychological Effects

When one has been able to achieve his goals through the use of plastic surgery, she may become addicted to cosmetic procedures to change all the other parts of her body. This can lead to problematic psychological effects such as depression and self-absorption.


Most insurance companies do not actually cover any kind of cosmetic surgery including breast surgery. This means that just the surgery alone may cost up to thousands and thousands of dollars, without even taking into account the follow-ups they would be needing to do after the surgical procedure. On the other hand, creams are a whole lot cheaper, reasonably priced and provide long-lasting effects without having the need for follow-ups.

Long-term Effects from breast surgery

In the long-term, most women who have underwent breast surgery have claimed that they experienced reduced breast sensation, shifting of the silicone implants, interference with breast cancer detection, problems with breast-feeding among a lot of other more problems. These type of situations are not commonly known to the person who has not underwent breast surgery, therefore most of these ladies did not really plan for them in advance when they thought of undergoing breast surgery.

On the other hand, most of the breast enlargement creams or bust serums in the market right now are actually made up of 100% completely natural ingredients, which means that one would not experience any kind of negative side effects from using them in the long run.

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