Cream V.S Other Methods – Breast Enlargement Methods Comparison Part 6

Finally, we have reached the last part of this series of breast enlargement methods comparison, where we will be looking at breast enlargement creams vs the rest of the miscellaneous methods not mentioned in all the other parts. As with before, if you have missed out on all the other previous parts, here are all of them:

For anyone who is seeking methods and ways to learn how to increase breast size, this is really something that they ought to read from top to toe. But with further ado, let us now proceed and look at how the rest of the methods really fare when it comes to breast enlargement:
Creams and Serums
Let us first look at creams and serums, which is what we think are the best in the market for breast enlargement right now. It can be seen from this series of breast enlargement methods that we are a little biased towards breast enlargement creams, and that is true – it is because we have found them to be the most effective and safest when it comes to getting bigger and firmer breasts.

Cream-based products are most of the time applied directly on the breasts, allowing the skin to absorb them quickly for maximum effect. This often results in women being able to see results in as little as 21 days! Majority of these breast enlargement cream i the market are also made from completely natural ingredients, which means that they do not contain any sort of harmful preservatives, chemicals or synthetic hormones at all!


Cookies? Did I hear that wrongly, you might ask. Well, you aren’t – right now there are actually cookie products that has been said to help ladies enlarge their cup size as these cookies contain certain kind of herbs and nutrients that have been proven to help one get larger and firmer breasts. Even though these ingredients might really be valuable and helpful when it comes to increasing the size of one’s breasts, the body still would not be able to absorb these nutrients as fast as creams or bust serums, which means that it would take a much longer time for one to be able to see any results from it.

Chewing Gum

Apart from cookies, there has also been a breast enlargement chewing gum that helps to freshen breath and also increase the bust size at the same time. Similar to how cookies work, this chewing gum also contains herbal ingredients that have been proven to increase the breast size. But chewing gum would even be less effective than cookies, as there would only be a small amount of juice that one would be taking into the body from this chewing gum.

Hormone Injections

Another alternative for one to get larger, firmer and perkier breasts is through the use of hormone injections, which have actually been used for numerous decades when it comes to breast enlargement. The problem with hormone injections is that this process or procedure can really be harmful to one’s health, as higher levels of hormone than the normal level can sometimes lead to dangerous imbalances and cause tumors or cysts to form. High unbalanced hormone levels can also lead to cancer in worst cases!

Breast Enlargement Patches

Patches claim that they work in the similar way as breast enlargement cream or bust serum, but this is not really the case. After all, if the ingredients from these patches can be absorbed by the skin quickly, why would there be a need for one to glue the patches to her breasts? Another problem with patches is that they can be easily spotted by their friends, which can sometimes cause her to feel really awkward in public situations.

Diet and food

Certain places and websites recommend ladies to start gaining weight in order to expand their breast tissue so that they would be able to enlarge their breasts. Even though this method really works, it may lead to complicated health problems such as obesity, and the lady might find it hard to slim down after that.

Foods such as flaxseed, lima beans, soy, ginger, chickpeas and apples have also been claimed to help improve the appearance and size of the breasts when taking in large amounts and taken regularly. But the problem is that it is a chore for women to be taking all these regularly!

Breast enlargement creams or bust serums are still the number one method when it comes to enlarging your cup size. We recommend checking out Triactol, if you are currently looking for a recommendation for breast enlargement creams.

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